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Products and Services

Do you have one of these problems?

Starting a new organization or business and having trouble getting it organized?

Meetings don't seem to result in anything productive?

Can't get people to agree on something?

Decided a change needs to occur, but you don't know how to go about it?

For you, we offer
one on one coaching -- help developing new skills and techniques, support and encouragement through the transition, referral to other resources, feedback on behavior

mentoring -- informal transfer of knowledge, experience, skills

education & training - structured activities in team building, effective meetings,

facilitation - for creative problem solving and conflict resolution, visioning/missioning, process definition ( e.g., how do we orient new hires or new members)

consulting - providing advise and counsel with regards to communications plans, job descriptions, org charts, implementation of new policies, procedures, systems; and with regards to particular organizational or personal issues; direction setting ( vision, mission, goals, values); and best practice business process defintion