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About Us
Guaranteed Results Group exists to facilitate change in individuals and organizations wishing to be more effective.

Effective is defined as the ability to achieve desired goals and outcomes by desired means and within chosen time and financial.parameters

GRG specializes in small to medium size business, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals

GRG was founded in 1996 in New Hampshire and has worked with university students, computer programmers, and large software developers.

About the Founder

The Founder and Chief Consultant is Diane Jetmund-Perigny, a 30 year veteran of community action and high technology; and someone who knows on a personal basis, a lot about change and achieving goals.

Educated and trained as a Social Worker, Diane spent the first part of her professional life working in Community Action Programs.  Finding herself in the early 80's as a single parent in the highly unstable world of federally funded employment, Diane decided to try a different career.  

She began her career in High Technology as a temporary secretary.  With trepidation she took a position as Distribution Coordinator because it gave her an  opportunity to learn the products and the company.  The company reorganized and she found herself in technical services surrounded by technical people who enjoyed mentoring her.

Soon she began her programming career, but quickly discovered it was the people side of systems that she really liked.  Over the next 10 years Diane migrated away from the technology into the business analysis and the impact of implementations, to leading projects, to assisting with redefining how businesses should operate, to management consulting.  In '93, as the results of having a wonderful mentor, Diane attended a weekend on Change Management.  It as then that she realized that what she was really interested in was change -- how people change, how they resist it, what helps them get through it, what helps organizations get through change with minimal disruption.

Diane's Personal Mission
To make the world a better place by my personal life style and political involvement
To help improve people's lives by my personal interactions and professional work
To be a catalyst for change in individuals and organizations
To help educate and enlighten people to enhance world and interpersonal peace
To impact how businesses operate
by helping businesses create systems and processes which improve peoples' jobs and business operations
by helping businesses embrace the concepts of quality, customer focus, and human potential as well as profit.