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About Us

The Secret Hideaway is a cozy get-away place for those committed to practicing environmentalism.  To make this as easy as possible, the apartment is supplied with recycling bins and instructions, a composting bin, and environmentally friendly cleaning and living aids. Guests are asked to minimize toiletries which enter the waste treatment system which are not "friendly".  Smoking is not allowed in the loft.

People with small children or allergies should know that the yard is landscaped with perennials and ponds; and a dog and a cat also reside with the owners.  

Nestled in a quiet out-of-the-way neighborhood, yet with easy access to “the action” by car, bicycle or bus, this cozy loft apartment can accommodate up to 6 people. Be forewarned, however,  the loft is open-concept so is appropriate for only close friends or family.

It is located within walking distance of a major conservation area, an easy hike to a quiet beach on one of the island's great ponds with clear brackish water (part fresh part salt); close to the island's great bike trail system and only a mile off one of the island's major roads.